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the best app to edit videos and make effects

introduction about this app

Would you like to create a stunning video to impress your friends? You no longer need to access After Effects on your computer. Simply download Shot FX and easily produce your effect video anytime, anywhere.

This app is an intelligent editor that allows you to apply after effects and filters to your photos and videos. Whether you are a casual user or a social media celebrity, you will find that creating masterpieces has never been easier. Without the complexity of After Effects, you can now open it and quickly and easily create high-quality effect videos to share with your friends.

In addition, it has also functions as a beauty camera and selfie editor, offering a variety of face filters and live stickers to enhance your photos.


video templates

Fire? Laser? Lightning? Various FX video templates are available for you to discover.
Follow the guide and shoot your video to create a blockbuster that will impress everyone.
Export high-quality videos and share them on all social apps, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Filters for pictures

Food? Landscapes? Selfie? High-quality filters perfect for any occasion.
Glitter, Neon, Sweet, Nature…Hundreds of filters for pictures to choose from.
With a wide range of editing options, it’s easy to make your pictures stand out.

Cute stickers

Lovely? Funny? Fashionable? There are over 2800 unique live face stickers, far more than B612.
Simply click the stickers to easily switch between various options.
Real-time face stickers that can easily suit selfies and make your photos amusing.

Makeup Camera

Multiple choices of popular lipstick, blusher, contour, and eyebrows.
Here you can find the makeup styles that best suit selfies.
Various popular makeup selfie effects make your selfies mesmerizing.

Real-time beauty effects

Acne? Blemishes? Pimples? Shot FX makes skin problems disappear with just a tap.
Retouch skin tone using our exclusive skin smoothing makeover tool.
Beauty plus camera adds a radiant complexion for perfect face and selfie pictures.

GIF & boomerang

Shoot an 8-second short video and turn it into a GIF emoji.
Add music to video, customize high-quality music videos.
An essential function to colorize daily chat.
Trending stickers and magic filters make your short video unique and awesome.

it is a magical effects video maker tool and beauty plus camera, the best photo editor app with all photo editing features, and a free Gif maker app. It’s easy to create magic videos with after effects and filters, using a wide range of trendy and charming video templates.

Creating a blockbuster has never been easier. We have optimized every step visually and operationally. We are constantly improving the effects, and new effects are added regularly every week. More surprises are waiting for you to discover in the future.

if you want to download this app, you will find it on the google play store and Apple store.

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